Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1974 BAND

         1974 AD is one of the famous Nepali rock band, who  are well known for the    traditional nepali folk music and western rock music, blues and jazz using a combination of native and western instruments. 

     The band was formed during 90s by a group of teachers from Gyanodaya School, Lalitpur which included guitarist Phiroj Shyangden, bassist Nirakar Yakthumba, drummer Bhanu A. They were influenced by the english artists like Bryan Adams, Deep Purple, Beatles Band and many others. They were also interested in playing various genres like hardrock, heavy metal, rock and blues through several gigs around Kathmandu where they covered numbers from Bryan Adams, Deep Purple and other rock groups.

       During those years Adrian Pradhan and Sanjay Shrestha were involved in their own bands. Adrian Pradhan used to be in a hard rock band from Kalimpong named “The Flame”. Percussionist Sanjay Shrestha, who used to play the drums for the St Xaviers school band, was involved with Nepali fusion rock act “Shristi”. Later during the late 90s Adrian Pradhan joined 1974 AD as their drummer/vocalist after former drummer Bhanu A decided to leave the band. The following year local guitar enthusiast Manoj K.C from Dhobighat, Lalitpur also joined the band and completed the lineup.
      The band has brought out some fantastic albums which include Time Out; released in 1996, Samjhi Baschu; released in 1998, Satabdi; released in 2001, Jungi Nishan; released in 2002; Limited Editiion; also released in 2002; Pinjada Ko Suga; released in 2004 and On Air; released in 2007. 

        Their first hit single “Mayalule” from their debut album “Time Out”, they came to become one of the best bands around country. Their other most famous songs are "Samjhi baschu", "Chaubandi Choli", "Pahilo Junima", "Sanbodhan",  "Nepali Ho(Jaso Gara Je bhana)", "Ayena Chitti haru" and many more. 

       They are amongst the most successful recording artists in Nepal. Most of their albums are ranked among the top-ten best-selling albums according to the Hits FM of Nepal.Their lyrics are filled with patriotism, Nepali virtues, unity, love and nationalism. Their concert named ‘Rock Yatra’ in the year 2000 was attended by more than 60,000 people. This was the largest attendance for a concert in Nepal.

       At Present, Phiroj Shyangden has left the band for personal reasons and now he is in the America. However, Nepali music fans are missing him as well as waiting for his songs. Likewise, there has been the adverse effect in his own band as well as in the Nepalese Music Industry due to his absense. At Present, the band now plays with :
Adrian Pradhan : Vocals & Drums
Nirakar Yakthumba : Bass & Backing Vocals
Manoj Kumar KC : Guitar, Keybords & Backing Vocals
Sanjay Shrestha : Percussions & Backing Vocals
Manose Singh : Flute


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