Wednesday, June 13, 2012


                                                         I went up and down the streets
                                                        Here and there by day and night,
                                  Through all hours of the night caring for the poor who were sick.

                                                                Do you know why?
                                                My wife hated me my son went to the dogs.
                                   And I turned to the people and poured  out my love to them.
                         Sweet it was to sweet the crowds about the lawns on the day of my funeral,
                                               And hear them murmur their love and sorrow.
                                            But oh, dear god, my soul trembled, scarcely able
                                                   To hold to the railing  of the new life
                                              When I saw Em Stanton behind the oak tree
                                                                    At the grave,
                                                         Hiding herself, and her grief!

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