Thursday, June 14, 2012


   One night, a young boy by the name of Xavier dragged his friends to the biggest haunted house in town. It was the opening night, but they noticed that it was nearly empty. They walked up to the front door, getting a sudden rush of cold air, so cold it could pierce their skin.

 “Why is it so cold?” Asked his friend Seth.

“Dunno, maybe it’s the ghost following us!” he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

   As they go to the door, another cold rush of air flew into them, followed by a laugh. They couldn’t help but laugh. Thinking it was one of their tricks.

“ It’s okay, we’re not scared.” yelled Xavier, in between fits of laughter.

They walked in and Xavier felt a sudden pain inside his chest. A pain he had never felt before. A pain so excruciating it hurt of move.

   “Help!! HELP ME!” he yelped, puffing for air and crashing to the ground. He looked around, eyeing everyone to get help, but then it stopped, he could breath again. He wasn’t being attacked anymore.

  On the way home, Xavier walked ahead of everyone else. Along the street, they rustled through leaves and rubbish.

“Maybe it was an asthma attack...” exclaimed his friend Robbie.

Xavier over heard the conversation and decided to join in.

   “It wasn’t an asthma attack.” Stuffing his hands deep into his pockets, shuffling his feet and feeling around for the charm his Mother had given him just the day before.

   As soon as he got home, he couldn’t be bothered doing anything else, so he went to sleep and dreamt a terrible dream. Something grabbing at him, something dark, something that would haunt him forever. A ghost.

    He woke up in horrible fright. The attack had started again. He cried out in pain until something stopped him, something cold and dark reached out and grabbed him at his neck. Xavier tried to kick at it, but there was nothing there to kick at. Nothing, just the darkness of his room. 

   His attack stopped. He stumbled to to the light and flicked it on and once again, he felt a cold wind blow in his face. Xavier checked under the bed and in the wardrobe for someone, but no one was there.

  Every night the same thing happened, the attacks the cold air, but every night it was somewhat different. Cold hands, gloves, lights but usually the cold air.

He didn’t know how to stop it, until one day Xavier moved away.

   It began again. The pain. The nightmares, they began getting bigger and longer. He started to become worried, but all he could do was deal with it and scream.

   Xavier could hear the footsteps on the staircase, the door opening, and once again, the pain started. It felt like the thing was trying to control him, that all the life had been sucked out of him, when one day, it all stopped. He waited for the pain, but it never came.

It was all over.

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