Tuesday, June 12, 2012



                                      Your number is up. Cliff edge 
                                      is a window-ledge,twelfth floor
                                      New Courts Building, Essex
                                      County. Below, the snow's

                                      Been four feet deep for weeks. 
                                      Cops patrol and we're locked in

                                      As if by serving time
                                      we would develop empathy.

                                      Clouds sweet as cream drift
                                      across the skies where they are free.

                                      Twelve-eighteen's mu new I.D..
                                      hotel room, flight number, war lottery.
                                      After the change of government 
                                      begin with the maps, newly revised.

                                      Ignore the stars. They will not
                                      be there when you need them.
                                      You're in altered relation 
                                       to the spray of light on dark. Now

                                      You see the galaxy edge-on spinning
                                      all the way toward the beginning.

                                      Your compass says south in a range
                                      of mountains with a glacier whose flow's

                                      shape is music you know
                                      but can't sing; you are west 

                                      of field of purple flowers and east
                                      of a salt sea. Where are you ? why?
                                      have they left you here? What is your task?
                                      What will you devote yourself to?



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